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Providing Quality Education for Disadvantage Youth

ADCC Social Responsibility Program

Students from low-income households face significant barriers that typically persist through their school years.

Studies have shown that as these students enter adulthood, they typically earn less, have limited or no access to health care, are more likely to suffer from obesity and its complications such as diabetes and heart disease, and be at greater risk for homicide or violent assault.

These disadvantages typically start before students enroll in school, and the public education system is generally seen as the best opportunity to address these inequities in a comprehensive manner.

In addition to its strict performance mandates, the No Child Left Behind Act was meant to boost achievement for lower-income student, but success has been elusive.

Because of Covid-19 inner city and rural students are more at risk of receiving a basic education from at-home schooling. ADCC’s goal is to provide a laptop to every teacher and a tablet to every student (K-12) worldwide.

Technology is the greatest divide in education today and you can help ADCC bridge this gap.

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