Adobe LMS


Why Did ADCC Choose Adobe Captivate Prime for its LMS?

We've all adapted to new paths of working productively. Adopting new tools to encourage learning in the flow of studying allows peers to learn from each other.

Many businesses are now training employees, their partners and their customers effectively across time zones via a next generation Learning Management System (LMS). Using its global effectiveness as a prime criterion, Adobe Captivate Prime (Cp) was chosen as the right tool by ADCC.

Improving a member's career education and skill development levels is a key ADCC objective, the ADCC Global E-Learning platform powered by Adobe (Cp) delivers users an enhanced and enjoyable learning experience along with the ability able to work offline.

Supported by a robust suite of features, Adobe Captivate Prime allows for smart video recording from your webcam; the creation of Virtual Reality (VR) projects for immersive E-Learning situations; several enhancements to Fluid Boxes; and the conversion of PowerPoint presentations to interactive and engaging projects.

Regardless of your needs,whether it is a single career development seminar or the pursuit of academic or technical excellence, the ADCC Global E-Learning Platform powered by Adobe (Cp) provides the coursework you seek.

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