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Return of investment - ROI in Africa are among the highest in the world.

The public sector has set the conditions for the exponential growth of information and communications technology (ICT), which could also help to transform the continent.

With incomes rising, Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) countries poverty rate declined from 59% in 1995 to 50% in 2005. Given this scenario, the World Bank concludes that SSA could be on the cusp of an economic takeoff, much like China was 30 years ago, and India was 20 years ago.

Tourism is one of the key industries driving the current change and tourism could be a transformative tool within this takeoff.

From a small base of just 6.7 million visitors in 1990, SSA attracted 33.8 million visitors in 2012. Receipts from tourism in 2012 amounted to more than US$36 billion.

Let’s create the vacations and holidays getaway we desire to visit. Several of us have experienced the finer things in life. Let's create these luxuries within our motherland. Let’s add to the success of Africa’s growing tourist industry.

ADCC has investment opportunities for beautiful beach front properties throughout Africa.

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