Adcc Projects

Project Development

Since 2012, when ADCC started, its team has been working tirelessly towards the actualization of its goals. One step after the other, it has recorded a number of successes:

  • USD $5 billion in economic development investment funds from the South Korean government
  • USD $200 million agreement with the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) for construction of a mixed-use residential, commercial and industrial complex.
  • 300,000 affordable mass housing scheme with low interest rate mortgage.
  • Promotion of best international business practices in all projects ADCC facilitate.
  • Promoting intra African trade with the African Diaspora and the global community.
  • ADCC green and renewable energy initiatives for the continent of Africa.
  • Promotion of protein value chain in Africa with a pilot fish farming and processing facility in Africa.

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