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The African Diaspora Chamber of Commerce (ADCC), is an economic development and educational arm of the movement to reshape, rebrand and revitalize Africa. Its mission is to bridge the knowledge and cultural gap between Africa and the African diaspora and distilling the myth about the continent and its people through education and sensitization.



Like every great movement, ADCC also started somewhere and at a particular time. Established in 2012, ADCC is a nonprofit organization that is at the forefront of strengthening and facilitating the commercial relationship between the African diaspora and the continent of Africa. It is committed to making an impact on the African people throughout the globe, as Africa becomes the next Economic Frontier.

Since 2012, when ADCC started, its team has been working tirelessly towards the actualization of its goals. One step after the other, it has recorded a number of successes:

  • USD $5 billion in economic development investment funds from the South Korean government.
  • USD $200 million agreement with the Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) for construction of a mixed-use residential, commercial and industrial complex.
  • 300,000 to own, affordable mass housing scheme with low interest rate mortgage.
  • Promotion of best international business practices in all projects ADCC facilities.
  • Promoting intra African trade with the African Diaspora and the global community.
  • Promoting an African Town concept within six (6) continents.
  • ADCC green and renewable energy initiatives for the continent of Africa.
  • Promotion of protein value chain in Africa with a pilot fish farming and processing facility in Africa.


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To advocate for humanity, feature Africa as the next frontier for economic growth and development, while promoting gender equality and youth empowerment.

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