About Us

Like every great movement, ADCC also started somewhere and at a particular time.

Established in 2012, ADCC is a nonprofit organization that is at the forefront of strengthening and facilitating economic and social relationships between the African diaspora, the continent of Africa and beyond.

ADCC is committed to making Africa the next Economic Frontier.


Our mission is to advocate for humanity, to feature Africa as the next frontier for economic growth and development, while promoting gender equality and youth empowerment.


Our vision for penetrating Africa is threefold:

  • Exchange cultural, educational, and economic inclusion among the African Diaspora and Africa. Authentic African history, classrooms without walls. "It's difficult to know where you're going - if you don't know where you've been".
  • Breaking down previously established barriers (MYTHS) about Africa. Facilitate greater communication through public relations and real-life successes.
  • Collaboration of private and public enterprises, investment capital, technology transfer and management.


Contemporary Diaspora, those who left the continent seeking greater opportunities. Historical Diaspora, descendants of enslavement. Most having a desire to reconnect and assist in the re-branding, reshaping, and the revitalization of Africa. ~ Pat McCants