Project Development


Our Focus

For maximum impact, ADCC engages with every member through education, economic empowerment, exchange and connecting global businesses with real opportunities across ADCC areas of interest.

Since 2012, when ADCC started, its team has been working tirelessly towards the actualization of its goals. One step after the other, it has recorded several successes.

With a Mission to bring growth and socio-economic development to Black African communities. ADCC intends to break the myth about Black people, by empowering our global communities on the possibilities and potential held by us as Black Africans.

Helping Black Africans see inside ourselves, here are a few keys that will help develop the continent, and our Black communities worldwide:

  • Authentic History,
  • Create jobs,
  • Promote tourism in Africa,
  • Access to capital,
  • Build financial literacy,
  • Secure global investments with guaranteed investment funding,
  • Development of entrepreneurs
  • Aid in re-branding, reshaping and revitalizing Africa

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