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North America is the third largest continent in world, ranking just below Asia and Africa (which are the first and second largest continents, respectively). There are 23 countries in North America and 9 dependencies with a total of more than 590 million people living on the continent.

The continent is considered one of the nest travel destinations with the various tours in North America that will offer you all travel experiences that you may seek.

Whether you are looking for a romantic holiday or an adventurous one with your friend or want a relaxing family vacation, the North America tourism caters to it all.

From towering forests to undulating fields, pulsating metropolises and high-plain deserts, North America has it all!


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  • Chijioke James
  • Bill Smith, President
    ADCC North America

  • Canada is the largest country in North America. The country is covering almost half the North American continents land area. Canada is slightly bigger than the USA and about as big as China.
  • Canada and the United States of America have the longest land border in the world with 8893km/5526 miles.
  • The first "skyscrapers" (of ten stories and more) were built in Chicago/USA as early as during the 1880s.
  • New York/USA has still the second most skyscrapers in a city! The city with more than 300 skyscrapers that are taller than 150m/493 ft. is,however, Hong Kong in China.
  • The Oloupena Falss in Hawaii are unofficialy names North America's highest waterfalls with a drop of 900m/2,952ft.
  • Mauna Kea on the islamd of Hawaii/USA is the second highest mountain island in the world.
  • The Rockies or Rocky Mountains are among the longest ountain ranges in the world. Mount Elbert in Colorado/USA is the highest peak of the Rocky Mountains.
  • Mammoth Cave in Kentucky has been recognized as the world's longest cave system with more than 650km/405 miles passageways.

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